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Is Watchtower Library for Mac really the best app in Religion category?

Watchtower Library

Watchtower Library for Mac This free program facilitates the installation of Watchtower Library from the original CD-Rom onto a Mac, run it without the need for the CD after the installation, and make it run as transparently as possible. Version 1. Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated. Discover New Mac Apps.

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Watchtower Library for Mac 1. Run Watchtower Library.

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Follow This App Developer website: Roy Ratcliffe. Next time, install Watchtower Library f Download Now. See discussion. Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. Instructions follow.

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This workaround is temporary. I did notice that the new edition updates the MEPS libraries from 2. It also uses a later version of Microsoft Visual C run-time. There must be some incompatibilities with Wine therein. For the time being, this manual update procedure will hopefully keep you running. This entry was posted on December 11, by gladong.

It was filed under iTech. Que faut il faire? I followed your directions and it works!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I went all last year without the WT libr. You are doing a wonderful work. HI Naomi. It looks like you might need to install Isilo program and then register to meekspace. Hope it will work! Thank you so much… so helpful! I would like to comment that your steps are so easy to follow but step nine was a little intimidating. It was easy to figure out tho. Thanks tho!!!!

For what it is worth this problem was not unique to the Mac intel. Problem in this case is with Windows not being compatible with Library. After receiving the Library I did the exact same procedure to correct the problem but as been stated you still get the image. Bonne adaptation! Hi, is there a way to change the introductory screen from to , once the workaround has been done. Thank you! That would be very nice.. Hey, great workaround, super simple to follow, really appreciate it, now i can sell my windows laptop!!

I was having trouble at first trying to find the right folders to make the change but had a successful process in the end. Hi Natan, I updated the post where I put the step by step instructions a total of 9 steps. Please let me know if you went through. Good undertaking! Hello, thank you for your help. I am a new Mac user.

WtLibrary – Watchtower Library on Mac

I installed Watchtower library Found out it does not work even with the Watchtower library v1. Cannot install WT because is on installed but not working. How can I take off to allow me to install as per your instructions. Hi there. Greetings from NY! I have WTLib in Spanish installed on my Mac and replaced the rs folder as instructed and it seems to work…. Or is it limited to one language that the initial installation was made. Thank you for any feedback. Hello Lorena, Congratulation for fresh install onto your Mac.

Open Wine first, close any Wtlib running then insert the CD then follow the usual steps and voila! Let me know if it works. Any ideas? Hello, I am afraid you need to install the Wtlib then the RS folder, following the steps provided. Took 3 days till I found you. Hope you remember me from when you served 11 to 12 years ago in Grand Bahama. Thanks for helping me with this work around with the new update for the Watchtower Library.

It was real easy and simple. Seems like a lot of brothers around the world whom are sole mac users are actively looking for a way to get the updated vision on there macs. Please feel free to e-mail me so that I can give you my contacts. Hello from Georgia,usa. I am trying to follow the suggestion you gave to Sebastien, but i can not find the folders you mentioned, Please help.

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Hope it will works! Yes it works, but now i have another problem. I am attempting to use isilo to put the library on my iphone from a mac. Can u give me better instructions. Hi, go to meekspace. Hi brother. Just a bit confused on how this workaround works. How do I copy the rs-data folder from the CD? I have a question: It looks like you need to install the Eng. With Christian love, Dong. This is the first year we have Estonian Watchtower Library Wish you the best! Bien Fraternellement. Nous esperons un prompt retablissement et un retour au Cameroun dans les plus bref delai.

Sinon, procure toi une copie de ce CD car tu en auras besoin pour faire une mise a jour du Wtlib.

Install Watchtower Library on Mac Using Wineskin Winery

Bon courage, Amour fraternelle a toute la famille,. Greetings from Washington, D.

Much thanks to you and Brother Roy for your hard work! The step by step directions you gave and the youtube video were very helpful; now I too am currently running WT Lib thanks to you all…. I appreciate it very much!