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Share this post: Your competition for that design work…. USB-C is kind of a joke… and a pain in the ass. Mac OS X spectacle window manager. Related articles. Grab This Free Alternative to…. New Advanced Video Downloader for…. Create Your Own Dynamic Wallpapers…. Lock Your Keyboard for Cleaning. Google to Add Unified Inbox…. Eject Volumes From the Menu…. Take Control of Night Shift,…. Fix Blurry Fonts on Non-Retina….

Finicky - Always opens the right browser. Helium - Floating browser window for macOS. Screenshots Kaktus Browser - Experimental web browser with minimalistic design. Running Windows, macOS and Linux. Screenshots browserosaurus - macOS tool that prompts you to choose a browser when opening a link. Screenshots Riot. Seaglass - A truly native Matrix client for macOS. Telegram Desktop - Telegram Desktop messaging app.

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Cryptocurrency AddressGenerator - macOS app to safely generate cryptocurrency address. Screenshots CoinBar - macOS menu bar application for tracking crypto coin prices. Screenshots Float coin - Native menu bar app with floating window and support for many Exchanges. Screenshots Postgres. Screenshots mongoDB. GitHub Desktop - Simple collaboration from your desktop.

Screenshots GitUp - The Git interface you've been missing all your life has finally arrived. Screenshots GitX - Graphical client for the git version control system. Gitee - Gitee, macOS status bar application for Github.

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Screenshots GithubListener - Simple app that will notify about new commits to watched repositories. Streaker - GitHub contribution streak tracking menubar app. Screenshots Xit - Xit is a graphical tool for working with git repositories. Screenshots Corectl App for macOS - Corectl App is a macOS Status bar App which works like a wrapper around the corectl command line tool corectld to control the server runtime process.

Screenshots Lantern - Dedicated Mac app for website auditing and crawling. Screenshots Now Desktop - Create deployments right from the tray menu.

Asset Catalog Tinkerer - App that lets you open. Screenshots Assets - Assets is a macOS app that manages assets for your development projects Xcode, web, etc. Attabench - Attabench is a microbenchmarking app for macOS, designed to measure and visualize the performance of Swift code. Screenshots Brisk - macOS app for submitting radars. Screenshots Cleaner for Xcode - Cleaner for Xcode. Screenshots IconGenerator - macOS app to generate app icons. Screenshots Iconizer - Create Xcode image catalogs xcassets on the fly.

Screenshots Icons. Screenshots LayerX - Intuitive app to display transparent images on screen. Screenshots Localizable.

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Localization Editor - Simple macOS editor app to help you manage iOS app localizations by allowing you to edit all the translations side by side. Localizations - Localizations is an macOS app that manages your Xcode project localization files.

Menubar Colors - macOS app for convenient access to the system color panel. PodsUpdater - macOS app which helps you manage dependency releases in your Podfile. Screenshots ResignTool - This is an app for macOS that can re sign apps and bundle them into ipa files that are ready to be installed on an iOS device.

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Screenshots iSimulator - iSimulator is a GUI utility to control the Simulator and manage the app installed on the simulator. Downloader App Downloader - Easily search and download macOS apps from the huge homebrew cask app catalog.

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Think of it as a youtube downloader that works on many sites. I wrote this as a test project to learn more about app development on macOS. Screenshots udemy-downloader-gui - desktop application for downloading Udemy Courses. Twig - A modern MacOS markdown editor. Noto - Plain text editor for macOS with customizable themes. Widely known for its live collaboration feature.

Screenshots Games Battle for Wesnoth - Turn-based tactical strategy game, featuring both single-player and online multiplayer combat. OpenEmu - Retro video game emulation for macOS.

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Screenshots Screentendo - Turn your screen into a playable level of Mario. Screenshots Stockfish - Beautiful, powerful chess application. CaptuocrToy - Tool to capture screenshot and recognize text by online ocr apis. Screenshots Gifcurry - Video to GIF maker with a graphical interface capable of cropping, adding text, seeking, and trimming. Screenshots InfiniteCanvas - Proof of concept Mac drawing application. Screenshots Inkscape - Inkscape is professional quality vector graphics software.

Material Colors Native - Choose your Material colours and copy the hex code. It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation cartoon using both bitmap and vector graphics. Screenshots Sketch Toolbox - Plugin manager for Sketch. Oni - Oni is a modern take on modal editing code editor focused on developer productivity. Visual Studio Code - Code editor developed by Microsoft.

Screenshots ZeroBraneStudio - ZeroBrane Studio is a lightweight cross-platform Lua IDE with code completion, syntax highlighting, remote debugger, code analyzer, live coding, and debugging support for various Lua engines. Crunch - Insane ly slow but wicked good PNG image optimization. Katana - Katana is a simple screenshot utility for macOS that lives in your menubar.

PhotoMiner - macOS app for finding and lost forgotten photos on your disks. Screenshots Screenbar - macOS menubar app for automating screenshots. Fluor - Handy tool for macOS allowing you to switch Fn keys' mode based on active application. GokuRakuJoudo - Karabiner-Elements configuration manager, rescue to bloated karabiner. Kawa - Better input source switcher for macOS. Nylas Mail - Extensible mail client.

Rambox - Cross Platform messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one. Screenshots gInbox - Wrapper for Inbox by Gmail. AnyBar - macOS menubar status indicator. DisplayMenu - Simple bare-bones macOS menubar extra to apply display presets.