Reformat hard drive mac error

Formatting would erase data completely, make sure that you have a data backup. Otherwise, you can only use data recovery software to recover data from a formatted USB drive. Many computer users who use a removable flash drive have the demand for formatting it to the FAT32 file system. Compare with the other commonly used NTFS file system on a flash drive, FAT32 has a compatibility advantage across many operating systems.

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So, if users anticipate using the flash drive with more than one operating system, they will definitely benefit from the FAT32 file system. To format USB to FAT32 with Disk Utility will erase all data on the flash drive, so before you doing so, please do remember to check whether you have saved useful data to another secure device in advance. Step 2. Step 4. Then click Erase.

How to deal with “Couldn’t Unmount Disk” error

You can reuse it for saving data again. The command line behavior does the same way to erase data with the Disk Utility. Again, create a backup before taking this action. Type :diskutil list and find out which disk is your USB drive. Wait for the process to complete. After this, you can type: diskutil list in command again to check if the formatting has been successful.

How to Fix “Windows was unable to complete the format” Error

If you're a Mac user, for example, it takes only a few clicks for the software to scan and display your formatted data. To guarantee an effective data recovery without spending money to no avail, you can install the Mac data recovery free version for the first trial. You can preview all the found data before the final recovery. Step 1. Correctly connect your USB flash drive to your Mac. Start selecting the flash drive and click Scan to let the software search lost files on it.

There are a few other common applications which may also need to be deauthorized such as purchased Adobe products think Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop, etc. You or someone else may have accidentally reset your Mac to factory settings or you may not have been aware of what a factory reset really does before performing one. Important files and folders will be deleted from your computer after a factory reset.

Disk Drill utilizes powerful scanning technology to recover remnants of files from your drive. The faster Disk Drill is run after a factory reset the better the chances are for optimal file recovery. You can run a scan to detect which files can be recovered at no charge with Disk Drill Basic Edition. To get started:. This is also the best way to find files that have been lost or deleted for long periods of times.

Deep Scan will rebuild the files based on information it finds on the disk and functions even when metadata or a backup copy of the file cannot be found, this is especially useful after a Mac OS factory reset has been performed. The lost partition search is used to find partitions which have been deleted or removed after reformatting restoring your computer to factory settings.

External hard drive not working with iPad or iPhone using iPadOS or iOS 13?

You can run a lost partition search to scan your disk for partitions which have been removed and may still be recoverable. Disk Drill can still recover files even if your Mac was repartitioned after a factory reset. Then disk utility will repair or do whatever I want. Problem is that this is a recurring issue in mojave on my fusion drive. Wish there was a permanent solution. I got this error on an external FireWire drive that is used primarily for backing up my iMac.

I powered the drive off and powered it on again and it mounted. I attempted to use the drive but it was damaged. I used the command line:.

How to fix Disk Utility can't repair this disk error?

To force the unmount of the disk, and now First Aid is proceeding. I do hope it works for you.

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  6. Nothing you suggested worked. Why does Apple make things so bloody difficult? After wrangling with this for a while I happened across a very easy fix this is based on OS Click it unless you really do want to write zeros, which can take a LONG time.

    Disk Erase Failed with the error: Couldn't unmount disk - FIX Mac

    Your drive will now be unmountable! Many thanks. Ok I guess I done this right, I have taken lion osx from dvd dragged it to usb stick. So now yor saying open mac by pressing said key. Open disc utility find my external drive , that will not un mount or partition. And hopefully fix it from there?

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