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But there are thousands of additional apps that you can download through the Mac App Store to give your computer even more capabilities. They run the gamut: utilities, productivity tools, games, and everything else imaginable. Thousands of Mac developers offer apps from the Mac App Store, and they're yours for the taking. Downloading apps from the Mac App Store is easy. It's also safe. Mac App Store apps aren't just signed by the developers who make them, but they go through Apple's app review process. What's more, the Mac App Store makes it easy to update and even re-download apps at any time, on all the Macs logged into your account.

If you ever get a new Mac, all you have to do is log into the Mac App Store and re-download away! Enter your Apple ID if you're not already signed in and your password. The app will begin to download. Once it's downloaded, you should be able to find it in your Applications folder in the Finder. It will also be visible in the Launchpad app. Updated August Updated with screenshots from the latest version of macOS.

How to download macOS Catalina installer without Mac App Store

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Apps you purchase from the Mac App Store collect in the Purchased section. The apps link with your Apple ID, which means that if you own multiple Mac computers, you can install your apps on all of them. The apps are always available to update, and you can reinstall them whenever you want. The purchases page list all apps in chronological order. Various reasons can cause this:. But you can still view these hidden apps with a bit of digging.

Sign in to view your account information.

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Just note that if the app is not available, then clicking on that app will not do anything. We answer the common questions on how to reset your Apple ID password, removing your credit card, and more. Read More. You might also see the misleading message You have updates available for other accounts, even if you use one Apple ID. This type of error can happen for various reasons. Here are several places to find and clear temporary files to regain storage space on macOS. Read More to fix the issue. We'll show you how to set up Time Machine, make backups, and more.

Open Terminal and type the following command:. Press Enter and the com. Delete the contents of this folder. Relaunch the Mac App Store.

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Note that this is a system cache and temporary folder. Do not delete any files or folders here other than this directory. This type of problem occurs when you install a beta version of macOS on another partition or external drive.

Alternative macOS Sierra Download from App Store

Apps you install on it get indexed by Spotlight. The index that the system creates will make the App Store think that a duplicate copy of the app exists on another drive.

What to Do When the Mac App Store App Just Spins and Spins

Fixing this issue is simple; you must delete the duplicate copy of the app and rebuild the Spotlight index. Open the Apple Menu and select System Preferences. Choose the Spotlight entry and switch to the Privacy tab. Click the Plus tab at the bottom of the list. A new Finder window will pop open. The indexing will stop for this drive. Close the System Preferences window. The system will begin to reindex everything on the disk drive, which will take some time. Can users read and edit each other's files?

What happens when you delete a user account? Read More , then you might face a similar problem. Apps you install on other accounts should not pose a problem.

But if you delete the user account, the App Store will not know that you have done so and will encounter similar issues. The App Store provides regular updates to both system and third-party apps.